Monday, December 27, 2010

Good morning craft universe

Good morning world. I am up and getting ready to leave town for a few days to visit moms. What does this mean for the blog and for craft land in general. Well for starters no internet! That is right no computer at moms. No facebook (well just from my phone) no surfing, no anything! Sometimes it is nice and sometimes it is the time I start to twitch from computer withdraw. I know I know. It should not be that way. A simple piece of machinery should not take over our lives but it has and it does.

The good part of going to moms is.......I get to truly relax. I can usually sit and watch her favorite show with her.........the weather channel............and work on a bit of crafting. I also get to go to a craft store I don't have around here so that is always fun! I also get to think and plan. Toss craft ideas around with a friend. You know the things that will be very important planning stages of this little venture.

So I am grabbing a note book to throw in my bag so I can plan plan plan. I will begin to plan what I want to make, who I want to make it for as well as a brief time line of when things need to be done. Right now I am thinking 12 gifts at 1 a month. Not to bad right? I am thinking 12 bigger gifts. You know knitting a scarf, making pillows with favorite sports teams, a fleece jacket. Things like that. Now keep in mind I have not even made out the list to see how many people I have on the list so this may not work. Stay tuned to find out!

OK so now onto another topic. This handmade craft challenge. I was talking to a friend yesterday and told her about it. Her response was "you know I am not crafty". Then I reminded her she could support the little crafter. That she can do and said she would. Think of it this keeps you out of the mall on a horribly busy day. Gotta love that. She also asked if for her birthday I would give her crochet or knitting lessons. She is thinking of trying to make a scarf as a gift for Christmas! AWESOME! You can do it!

So I want to make this an official challenge. Join me in the year of the handmade gift. Make some gifts this year or support the little independent crafter. Learn a new craft. It is great stress relieve and relaxing. There are many things that can be done as a family. Post and let me know you are joining. Send me pictures of your progress. I will post them here (with permission of course). Send in project ideas. There are so many out there. You never know who you may inspire. Know a crafter with an etsy shop. Send me the link and I will include it.

The year of the Handmade Gift officially starts on Saturday! Begin planning today! Here's to a great and creative 2011 everyone!

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