Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hello everyone. It seems like a million years since I have had time to post. I apologize for that. Craft show season was really packed with shows. Between that, my new woman's networking group and Christmas I have been a bit crazier than normal.

Oh and I do want to thank my friends for agreeing that I was crazy in my last post. It means a lot. Thanks guys you are gems and I love you.

I was watching Julie and Julia today. I really like that movie. It got me to thinking about this blog and how I never pay it the attention it deserves. I mean life is crazy and I only have so much time right? So I mentioned something the other day and I think I need to take it one step further.

I decided this is the year of the scrapbook. I have several I want to do for gifts and even a couple started. I decided this is the year that i finish them. But lets take it a step or two further shall we. Do you have any idea how much craft stuff I own? How many wonderful gifts I have in the making right here in my house? The correct answer is TONS! probably literally. So this is where I need your help my friends.

I declare this year 2011 the year of the handmade crafts! I challenge you to make handmade crafts for gifts this year for Christmas. You have an entire year! you can do it I know you can. If you can't.....well that is ok I encourage you to support the small time crafters who made all the fabulous gifts. Check out for some great had crafted items. You can find almost anything. Go to local craft shows. you will be amazed at what you can find. there are amazing things out there. Who will join me in this endeavor? Come on speak up you can do it!

To help you out along the way this year this is what I promise to do. I promise to:

make one handmade item for each person on my Christmas list
blog on an average of once a week about my progress
share lots of craft pictures
offer new and creative ideas for items that can be easily handmade to my faithful blog followers
create a list of my favorite etsy shops here on my blog
actually add new items to my etsy shop

As I think of more things I will add them. For now I think this about covers it. Who knew a movie such as Julie and Julia would make me so creative!

Here is to an awesome handmade gift giving year everyone! together we can turn next Christmas into a great event full of wonderful thoughtful gifts from the heart without spending a ton of money. It will be a special memory for all involved.

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cynthia said...

I love your challenge, Holly! I am seriously thinking about doing it. What a special way to celebrate Christmas!!


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