Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 the year of the Handmade Craft

WELCOME 2011! It is officially January 1, 2011. This means several things. First off it is the year of the handmade craft! That is right folks 2011 is here. This means handmade crafts for part of Christmas this year! Time to get planning and making.

Secondly this means my Birthday is just around the corner!

Third this means a huge Happy Birthday going out to one bad elf! She knows who she is. Have a wonderful birthday full of laughter and love my friend!

Well I have to make that list of who I am crafting for and what I am making. Never did get done at mom's. Although I did get some great red yarn on an after Christmas clearance for a scarf for a friend. She has already told me to get knitting! So I guess that means it is official. I have my first project.

Now I want to know what your projects are going to be. Don't be shy. Let me know. It will be fun to see what everyone is doing!

Get those creative juices flowing and send in the pictures. There is a lot more blog to come this year I promise.

Happy Crafting folks. Together we can make 2011 a year to remember!

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