Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Here come the graduates!

Well not yet but soon we will being graduation season. I made candy for a party in ALABAMA! well this is not a big deal except graduation is not until May and it gets hot there......chocolate and heat =melted chocolate mess. So I shipped the order on Monday and it arrived today in one piece! That always excites me. I still have to send some pretzels closer to time but for now here are some pictures of the order.

Blackberry hard candy, I also made raspberry and pina colada

solid chocolates


peanut butter

peanut butter


The bonus for me of having this order done already is
I spent Saturday in the kitchen but I got completely caught up on 24!

Congratulations Graduates!!


Starwars1993 said...

Wow...those look like store bought Holly! Really nice...and I'm sure yours taste MUCH better!

Those flavors of hard candy sound yummy!

Alicia =0)

Tink *~*~* said...

They are very pretty. Love the tiny chocolate graduates! LOL

Tink *~*~*

Mare said...


Now I want to go raid Miss Renee's Easter basket-LOL

Chavah Kinloch said...

Hi there,

Those chocolates look so good. I am LOVING your blog!!! I just started following your blog via google and networked blogs. I'll also be adding a link on my page to your blog. I'd love if you would recipricate for me. .

Thanks a bunch, Chavah.


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