Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Star spangled celebration

Hello again! I know I know it has been awhile! But I swear I have been very very busy and have just gotten a chance to catch up on everything! I have had orders orders orders and a May craft show and I usually end my season before that. In fact I have been so busy I am still working on my grandmothers Christmas calendar for last Christmas and it is pretty much only 6 months late at this point! Anyway I have been at the chef hats again. For the same lady! This time we needed ones good for the summer holidays you know memorial day and July 4rth! So this is what we have.

I will have ended up doing I think 8 of each when I am done. They used the stars and one fireworks one for Memorial day and will do the reverse for July 4rth. In fact the big boss came in and liked them so much he was taking pictures for the Newsletter! I am going to try to get a coy of that! I also had a snazzy little Mother's day candy order and a vacation mixed in with all of this! SO I will show you the candy in the next post. For now happy crafting mah peeps!

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