Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Here come the pirates and pansies

What a combination huh.....ok I am not sure these flowers are pansies...probably not but hey it sounded good. Well I have a friend in of several actually.....that said hey I need some puppy scarves! This is what I want, purple floral and.........pirates? What a combination..but this is what I came up with....

purple floral fabric

I did 3 of these total


and one of these

I really will admit I was not to sure about a floral attern puppy scarf but they are cute! So if you see these in Florida you know the stylish pooches wearing them know me!


Starwars1993 said...

Those are so cute.Like both fabrics.The pirate one is really cool!

Alicia..oops I'm on Erich's account!

Mare said...

Love these...just adorable! I bet the pups love them, too. =)


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