Sunday, March 1, 2009

Adventures in Nursing-AKA Stethoscope Covers

Well my friend Mo asked if I could make Stethoscope covers. Usually if I can find a pattern or make a pattern I can make it. If I have clue what you are talking about. Since I am not a nurse and don't play one on TV I was pretty clueless so I asked the next logical question. "what you talkin' 'bout Mo?" So being the ever helpful person that she is she offered to send me one of hers. Now Mo lives in Florida. I live in the frozen north. A very long trek for a lonely Stethoscope cover. So Stethy (as I have nicknamed it, we have become very close you know) arrived on Thursday. Today we spent some quality time together. Stethy now will be going back to sunny Florida with friends. Fall Stehty came to visit. Stethy came forth and multiplied. See what happens when you leave a Stethoscope Cover alone on a long trip! You just can't trust them. We went from Fall Stethy to Fall, Shamrock and Easter Stethy! Things went pretty smoothly until I started to sew. Wouldn't you know I sewed the seam inside out TWICE! Obviously this was going to be a good day in sewing land. I already need a drink! After that little problem got fixed all was fine until the dreaded elastic incident of 2009. The opening is not very big at the one end and needs elastic. Well there is really no easy way to do it and I tried every way I know and then some. I even pulled out the knitting needles and crochet hooks. Well the only thing that worked was Mr. safety pin came to play and we had an old fashioned threading party. So finally after an hour of nothing but elastic. we were done. And they are not to bad.

Now if when they arrive back in sunny Florida there are more than 3...............I do not want to know about it!

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