Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby Bootie Cake

In December we had a baby shower at work for one of our doctors. Somehow I ended up making the cake. Since it was for work and had to be transported on the subway to work I had to get creative. I mean come on no cake in it's right mind is going to voluntarily jump on the subway and ride around! It is hard enough for people to ride around on the subway. If you have never ridden a subway imagine a very bumpy, jittery, crowded car ride except often times you are standing up the whole time. A very unfriendly atmosphere for a cake. After much thought I decided it would be cute to make miniature baby booties. Everyone could have there own cake and it would make transportation easy. I ultimately decided to take all the stuff to work and make it at work.

Making the cakes at work was a treat with little to no workspace available but I made due. They were really easy and came out so cute. All it took was some miniature cupcakes, frosting, food coloring, coconut and about 5000 hours of spare time in my day to put them together. In the end they were a hit and I did manage to get a few pictures although they may be hard to see.

I did the cakes in pink and blue. Chocolate was one color and Vanilla was the other to make life easier. There was even coconut on some for the coconut lovers in the group

Up close and personal view of the booties.

The bags in the background were the favors. We got small Cucumber melon scented body wash and placed them in the miniature gift bags and tied a small plastic pacifier to it with ribbon. They came out really nicely and people loved the favors. They were very inexpensive. So if you need a few shower ideas feel free to borrow them! Enjoy!

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