Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do you know what these Items have in common?

Let's play a little game shall we. I know we all like games!
What do the following pictures have in common? I promise you there really is a connection......

Dishwasher- Picture Courtesy of Steve McCabe Thank You Steve!

A life raft

Windshield wipers

Rolling Pin
Ironing Board
Chocolate chip cookie

Have you figured it out yet? Let me give you a little hint. This is my salute to International Women's day. Every year we celebrate this day on March 8. Can you believe the first International Women's Day was celebrated in the united states on February 28 1909! Crazy! You can read all about the history of this day here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Women%27s_Day I spent part of my day at work today and will be spending part of it again tomorrow researching some thngs for an event we are having next week. What I came up with amoung other things are all of the above items were invented by women! Here is a cool link to some great things women have invented http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0906931.html. Women have invented so much more than I have ever even realized! It was really fun to research this.

Since this is a craft and cooking blog primarely let's make this about the chocolate chip cookie. The chocolate chip cookie was invented in 1930 By Ruth Wakefiield. She was making her chocolate cookies for the guests at her Toll house Inn. Alas she was out of baker's chocolate so she made a little substitution. She threw in some broken peices of Nestle's semi -sweet chocolate assuming it would melt into the coookies like the bakers chocolate did. Well guess what. She was wrong and I for one am glad she was! This was how the Toll House Crunch cookies were invented. Becasue of the popularity of her cookies the sale of Nestle's semi-sweet bars greatly increase. An agreement was made between Nestle and Ruth. She was given a lifetime supply of the chocolate in exchange for permission to print her recipe on the package. The Toll House Cookie Recipe that we still use today! So that is your lesson in how the chcolate chip cookie was born!

Face it love them or hate them we all know them. So tell me how you make your chocolate chip cookies. Do you make them in individual cookies or in bars? Do you like the soft or crispy? What kind of chocolate do you like in them? Do you use Ruth's recipe or have another favorite? I actually have 3 recieps that I switch between depending on what I want them for and what ingredient's I have on hand and who I am making them for. And yes One is Ruth's famouse Toll House Cookie Recipe!

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dizzbear said...

Wow come on here and I learn something!


I know the video game Centipede was invented by a woman...must be why it was my favorite.

Alicia =0)


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