Monday, March 30, 2009

Craft Show Day!

Craft Show Day!

Craft Show days always start out really early for me. Most of them have an 8Am set up time. The big Easter show has a 7:30 set up time. I was able to pack the car the night before so that was a good thing. I got to sleep in! Hubby woke me at 6 AM. Got ready and out the door by 6:30 took him to work and stopped for a quick breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I highly recommend the breakfast skillets! They are filling and delicious. Hubby said the easiest way to get to where I was going from Cracker Barrel was through Carnegie. OK I am not the familiar with Carnegie but since he said it was easy and I couldn't mess it up OK we will try it. I even just did it earlier in the week with one wrong turn but fixed it really quick and only had to go around the block. Not to bad! Well after making a different wrong turn and driving around for 10 minutes I got back to where I needed to be and got to the place at 7:45 no big deal need to be set up by 9:30. Well this is the only show I have a bunch of extra stuff for because of the candy. SO it takes me the longest to set-up and tear down. I actually got set up with 5 minutes to spare! WOOHOO!! And let the games begin. Since I had a request for pictures of my display I got some of those as well as my Chinese auction donation.

Smelly Jellies! On Sale right now even!

Solid Easter Candy shapes and samples

Candy display up close and personal

Candy Display

Smelly Jellies, puppy scarves, dog treats and cat toys

Pins, Pillows, flower arrangements and jewlery

Plant pokes, Jewelry and candy


Chineese Auction Donation......Candy!

This is an upclose look at the bags I used for my candy.

Needless to say I was exhausted by the time the show was over. Ran home unloaded and went and got the hubby from work. Threw a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner. While the pizza was baking I set on the counch and didn't move. Hubby came dowstairs and asked why I hadn't turned the tv on. I was to tired to find the remote. He laughed at me. It was beside me. After we ate I sat and watched the end of a movie and woke up int the middle of a bad movie but didn't want to move to find the remote. I am headed back to work in a few minutes. I feel like I spent my entire vacation working! Becasue I did!

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dizzbear said...

I love these pictures...feels like I'm there!

Everything looks great!


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