Sunday, March 29, 2009

Candy Candy Everywhere!

Candy everywhere! That is what I am still thinking. Well my Big Easter Craft show is over and I am still exhausted. I promised some people some pictures so here is some more of the candy!

Hand formed and hand dipped peanut butter eggs

White chocolate Marshmallows

Oreos and nutter butters..Looks like the Dark Chocolate ones to me

Stain Glass Windows

Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny

Stain Glass Windows

Mallow Cups-(Thank You Cj for figuring these ones out)

This is by no means everything I made or everything I can make! In fact it is still not to late to order candy for Easter. I filled and Easter order today and wouldn't mind one or 2 more to help with the extra show candy. Ordering now and taking what is in stock gives you special pricing while supplies last! I hope you enjoyed the candy pictures. in the next few days I will post pictures of my show display since I had a request for that. I also have pictures of the Easter Chef Hats I made today. Well I am off to post a new recipe for the week and then probably bed since I am still tired and my vacation is over!

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