Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Baby blanket

Well our friends are having a boy! Cool! I am so happy for them. So now I have the baby blanket pattern picked out and It will be blue and white I believe. With a skull on it! Yep you read that one correctly. A dark blue blanket with a big white skull or maybe some little skulls. Not sure yet! Friends are awesome but a little odd. He loves skulls. Most things in his house contain some sort of skull motif. We actually found a skull pacifier for them. They loved it. So This is the theme of the blanket!

Now if the book I ordered from Amazon would hurry up and get here (I ordered it yesterday, scheduled to be delivered tomorrow). I know I am being way impatient! But is looks like a wicked cool book and I am excited! There is an awesome pattern in it for a skull sweater!

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MariBy said...

Oh Holly that makes me giggle quite a bit at all the old lady reactions in the stores when they see the new baby wrapped up in your blanket! But hey, it is your friends' baby and I'm sure they will love the little one to bits. As will you and Dave. Good luck making making it and post pics when you can! :)


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