Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well everyone 2008 is upon us. I have so much planned for this year I can't even begin to tell you. I have several things I have to make and I want to try to have at least one homemade item for EVERYONE for Christmas this year. Starting with the beautiful Santa sampler I found! My SIL collects Santas and I found an absolutely beautiful counted cross stitch sampler. When I asked Dave if he thought she would like it all I heard was " it doesn't matter it will never get finished anyway!" Well Mr. Smarty pants! Little do you know I have started it! I am determined that it will get done and before Christmas! But I also decided that Dave can not see me working on it. That is another challenge. SO this is a 4 page sampler so I figure 2 months per page that gives me plenty of time to finish the back stitching. I also want to finish the hummingbirds that I am cross stitching for my Grandmother before her birthday in April. I mean I would like her to enjoy it and she will be 93. It has to be finished for this year. Then there is the scarf I am knitting for my FIL, a baby blanket I need to figure out what pattern I am going to use and get the yarn for that I need for July, something for my Mom, MIL and SIL. Maybe even my Aunt. Oh and Maybe I should make something for Dave. He never gets anything I make since I am always busy making things for other people.

This year is a year with a tight budget. I figured If I could make at least one nice homemade gift for everyone that would help a Lot! That and I really need to shop the sales and shop all year long. Oh my the planning this will take. That is good though. It gives me something else to keep me busy in all my spare time!

Have a wonderful and Crafty 2008! I look forward to hearing lots of great new craft ideas!


dizzbear1320 said...

Wow Holly.You got alot going and it's only Jan 3!!!

I know you can do it!!!Just a little bit at a time so you won't feel overwhelmed...now if I could just take my own advice! =0)

MariBy said...

Two of my sisters do this Holly (they are SO much more domesticated than I am). They each have one of those Rubbermaid containers and ALL year long they put gifts for Christmas in them. Anything they make or find on the clearance rack goes in their bins. It works quite well.

Good luck with all your projects...especially the one you're keeping from Dave. LOL.


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