Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas crafts

Well I think this will be a year for busting my rump and making some Christmas gifts. With 2 car payments and 2 cars to get repaired because they do not work at all it is going to be a year with a little Christmas gift budget! So I have a bunch of craft supplies in the house but now is the hard part. What on earth do I make for people. ALL SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME! I have a couple of projects to finish up for people this week then it is Christmas craft and restocking for February Mode. So I can knit, cross stitch crochet and sew. Now all I need is 4,000 days until Christmas and I am all set.


Tink *~*~* said...

I think you should come to Sanibel Island and gather up like a bazillion shells for your crafting. You could write it off as a business expense. And of course, you could hang out with ME, ME, ME! I'll show ya where all the good spots are ;-) Now where are these pictures you promised us?

MariBy said...

You could look for low-cost nice items and try and figure out how to personalize them. For example if someone gave me a hand towel that said "Mari" on it - I'd be over the moon.

You could figure out one or two simple candies to make and then mass produce them in a couple of hours just before Christmas. Put them into really fancy Christmas tins that you got at the dollar store and tie them with gold ribbon and a personalized tag.

MariBy said...

Holly do you know craftster?

Great creative crafts there. :)

dizzbear1320 said...

il next Christmas"...LOL!!!

I like Tink's idea! =0)

I think this year for Joe's sisters I'm going to paint and/or decoupge clay flower pots for them.The only thing is I'm woried about tehm breaking when I ship them to them.


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