Sunday, November 11, 2007

And so it begins

I have always said I would not get sucked into the world of blogging. I have resisted until now. I guess the saying is true. Resistance is futile. I finally gave in. I gave in because I love to craft. I love to create new items and to see people's reactions to them. I wanted a place I could post pictures of my crafts and also a place where others may be able to help offer suggestions of things they would like to see or ideas to improve upon my existing crafts. I also make homemade candy. I am usually very busy around Easter with candy.

Craft shows and making candy have become my stress release, hobby and passion. It is something I truly love to do. What better way to share my love with people. So this is the start. The start of the blog I swore I would never have. The start (I hope) of a way to help my little craft hobby gain new life all it's own.

My hope is that i will eventually be able to post some pictures of some of the items I make. For now don't hold your breath. I am just happy I made it this far!


glo said...

Hey Holly!!!

MariBy said...

This is a very good start to the world of blogging Holly!

It's really easy to do pictures, too - so I'm sure that we'll be seeing some here soon. :)


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