Saturday, August 22, 2009

Craft show season!

Well everyone craft show season officially starts soon! This means I have to get my self in gear and get new stuff made. It is hard to get motivated but I have a plan. First off tomorrow I am straightening up the craft room so I can find things. Then I make ppillows and a few chef hats. Then I find other things to work on. So this is my question to all of you lopyal readers. Since craft show season is officially underway again what kind of new items should I make? Does anyone have ideas? Suggestions? Also I will begin taking orders for Christmas if anybody has anything they would like. Let's get started now! Last year I ended up with a bunch of last minute Apron orders and really want more sleep than last season. I will try my best to check in a lot more often and get more Etsy items listed. I do have a couple new listings or newer listings at elast so go check them out!


anontoboss said...

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anontoboss said...

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