Saturday, August 23, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

Hi Everyone! Believe it or not I have been crazy busy. So much so this will probably be a short little update. I can't believe how the summer has flown by! Craft show season is almost upon me and I still have a million things to make! I think I need 12 of me to get everything done! I am also trying to look into listing items on Etsy but have not had a ton of time to figure it out. Hopefully before the end of September though. That would be good. I am working on the skull baby blanket which I am making a little bit on the larger side since the kid will be in kindergarten before I get it done at this rate! I will post pictures when it is done. Cakes for the shower came out great! At least I think they did. I will try to get those up as well soon. Maybe I can find them quicl let me go look!

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glo said...

Wow those are awesome! Great job Holly!


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