Sunday, December 2, 2007


Well my Craft shows are officially all finished until February! WOOOHOOO! I have a bit of a rest before I have to get cracking. My stock is dangerously low! I got hit hard this year! So as soon as the Christmas crafts are finished (which at this rate will be never) I have to start seriously restocking for Craft shows. I know next year for sure that I have a February, March, September and November show. AS soon as the date is released for one of the November shows I just have to send the money in. My table is reserved so I get first crack at it. So far That makes 5 shows for sure. If I can get into the Easter and the other November show that is first come first serve kind of thing when applications go out I would love it. Also I am trying to get into a show the first Saturday in December. This is a new show for me. If I am lucky enough to get into all of these shows that will give me 8 shows for the year. Which is right around where I like to be. 8-10 is what I like. Of course If we have a crafters corner at Curves again next year then that adds one more into the busy season but that is ok!

Anyway none of that had anything to do with my question. Does anyone have any really cute crochet patterns to share with me? OR knitting or plastic canvas or cross stitch even. Those are the things I like to do. Crochet is just my newest thing and I have almost no patterns for this. I need ideas people. I try to add one new item at each show so I need to come up with a couple new ideas and soon!

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